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Jay McDonald

For CEOs, high-level executives and corporate decision-makers, one thing is crystal clear – it can get lonely at the top. Luckily, with the right strategic solutions and guidance it doesn’t have to be. Enlisting an experienced mentor can lead to better decisions, better leadership and better results.

As a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and business owner in multiple venues, Jay McDonald has spent the past three decades taking businesses and the people that run them to the next level through a commitment to finding solutions, optimizing value and getting results.

Jay’s Thinking

Explore Jay’s best thinking by browsing his collection of articles. Learn what Jay has to say about Executive Coaching, Strategic Planning, and Leadership Development.

With unparalleled expertise and practical knowledge in just about every industry imaginable, Jay McDonald gets it. As a results-oriented motivator and innovator, with a passion and zest for success that’s rare in any industry, Jay is a strategic visionary.

Leadership Advisor, Vistage International

As an over 30-year CEO and one of Atlanta’s premier Vistage Chairs, executive coaches, mentors and business advisors, Jay currently guides over 50 CEOs, business owners, and presidents as they work towards meeting difficult challenges and setting a course for the future. The result? Strategic solutions that yield better performance in business and life – both professionally and personally.

Jay is pleased to share his experience and offer his skills as an executive coach, expert advisor and most of all, friend. He’s the one confidante and trusted resource every executive needs to inspire conviction, facilitate accountability and generate growth and success.

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Jay McDonald


  • Jay is a great mentor and shares his knowledge and time freely and without reciprocation. We have been colleagues for over a year and have come to rely on one another for honest unfiltered and unbiased feedback. There is no one Ii know with greater insight, honesty and integrity than Jay

    - David Nettina, Principal MRC Capital Group

  • Jay is the consummate professional who brings sound judgment and clarity to everything he does. As a leader and visionary, he is world-class in every respect. I’ve worked with many CEO’s and advisors and he is someone I will continue to turn to for best in class advice and counsel.

    - Wayne Luke, Managing Partner, The Bridgespan Group

  • Jay is a seasoned and experienced business executive with broad experience in both entrepreneurial environments and in corporate America. His problem solving skills, business perspective and customer relationship skills are a great asset to executives and business owners alike.

    - Peter Carey, President & CEO, American Screen Art

  • Jay McDonald has been a hugely successful CEO at several companies, and I was on his Board of Directors while he grew Network Communications, Inc., very profitably. I completely endorse Jay for any Executive role as well as coaching senior executives and CEOs.

    - Kraig Kramers, CEO of Corporate Partners Inc., CEO of Gandy Dancer Press LLC, and CEO of CEO Tools, Inc

  • Jay is one of Vistage’s rising stars. In a community of supremely successful business professionals, who now Chair peer advisory groups of likeminded high performing Chief Executive Officers. Jay has set himself apart. He has earned two of Vistage’s top Chair awards within his first two years. I look forward to his continued success as a Vistage Chair for many, many years to come.

    - Ruby Randall, Vistage International’s President and Chief Operating Officer

Featured Articles

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    Leaders are often asked to consider a famous metaphor – that of “looking into the mirror,” to evaluate honestly and objectively their strengths and challenges, and to better find their growth paths as professionals. This self-assessment can help executives evaluate their impact on others as well as give them useful direction on their own self-development […] The post The Leadership Mirror: A Reflection In Self-Evaluation And Growth appeared first on Jay McDonald....

  • Proactive Hiring: a Strong Bench = a Strong Team

    If you do find yourself in a position when you need to let an employee go – for whatever reason – it helps if you already have “bench strength.” This refers to a philosophy of hiring where you identify strong candidates before you need them. That way, you can hire proactively, instead of reactively. Building […] The post Proactive Hiring: a Strong Bench = a Strong Team appeared first on Jay McDonald....

  • Jay’s Straight Talk CXVI…Leadership = Lifelong Learning: Dog’s Don’t Chase Parked Cars

    Computer speeds double every 18 months, according to Moore’s Law. Although it’s hard to imagine smaller microchips, researchers indicate new developments will allow more powerful computers at even smaller sizes. In fact, during this 21st century, many futurists say our progress will advance 20,000 years in 100 years, comparatively speaking.Technology developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, […] The post Jay’s Straight Talk CXVI…Leadership = Lifelong Learning: Dog...

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