Executive Coaching
When results matter, there’s no room for error. The right executive coaching will result in improved decision-making, strategic thinking and more fulfillment, both personally and professionally. For demonstrated and proven results, unparalleled expertise and “out of the box” solutions, Jay McDonald offers coaching with an edge. When it matters, trust the best and get the results you deserve.

The Family Business – Dynamics and Dangers

Jay McDonald |

Despite decades of growth and profitability, Hallmark Cards and the Mars Candy companies are exceptions to the rule because long-term, generational, highly successful, thriving family businesses are few and far between. The truth is, there are dangers associated with family business models, and many never make it past the first generation of entrepreneurs. Sure, businesses

Life Is A Team Sport, Are You In The Game?

Jay McDonald |

One of the simplest, yet most clear parallels is the idea that life is like a team sport. In business as well as in our personal lives, we don’t function in a vacuum, but depend on other people much the same way teammates rely on one another to win a game. On the field and

The Balancing Act Between Humility and Self-Worth

Jay McDonald |

There’s a bit of balance that needs to take place between being humble and knowing your own self-worth. Sure, you need to know your strengths and talents and when asked–you have to tout those qualities! But there’s a way to do it so that it is more effective and meaningful. So how do you maximize your

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