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Are great leaders born or can exceptional leadership be learned? With over three decades spent as CEO, Principal and serial entrepreneur, Jay McDonald has lead thousands of people and is an invaluable resource for bringing out the creativity, passion and exceptional leadership in senior executives and decision makers. With innovative solutions, expert advice and practical ideas for optimizing performance, Jay brings trust, authenticity and immeasurable value to challenged professionals.

Jay’s Straight Talk CXVI…Leadership = Lifelong Learning: Dog’s Don’t Chase Parked Cars

Jay McDonald |

Computer speeds double every 18 months, according to Moore’s Law. Although it’s hard to imagine smaller microchips, researchers indicate new developments will allow more powerful computers at even smaller sizes. In fact, during this 21st century, many futurists say our progress will advance 20,000 years in 100 years, comparatively speaking.Technology developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, […]

Leadership Choices: Slices of the Pie

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Leadership Choices

Often we hear from others about getting their “fair” share. Sometimes folks are so intent on protecting their turf — their slice of the pie — that they forget why they have that “slice” in the first place. If the size of the pie is fixed, giving a larger slice to one party necessarily means […]

To Be a Better Negotiator, You Have to Learn About Yourself

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Become a better negotiator by knowing yourself

Sometimes, we get in our own way, blindly sabotaging the relationships, communications, and negotiations we have with others, simply because we want to avoid the tough conversations we know we need to have. We may live in worlds of our own ambitions or dreams, or be insensitive to the inputs and feelings of others. If […]

Avoid Avoidance: Facing Tough Conversations Head On

Jay McDonald |

Facing Tough Conversations Head On

I’d call tough conversations unpleasant facts of business and life. They’re also one of those things that a lot of folks want to avoid. The problem is, avoiding tough talks only makes things worse. Tough Talks at the Office It’s a prime time for tough conversations today. As businesses recover from the recession years, they […]

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