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Jay McDonald is a forward-thinking, energetic, and dynamic leader with proven success in a variety of industries, entrepreneurial activities, and community efforts. Uniquely talented at building trust and in taking organizations to higher levels of performance to optimize ownership/stakeholder value with an established track record of successful business exits.

Jay’s Straight Talk CXVI…Leadership = Lifelong Learning: Dog’s Don’t Chase Parked Cars

Jay McDonald |

Computer speeds double every 18 months, according to Moore’s Law. Although it’s hard to imagine smaller microchips, researchers indicate new developments will allow more powerful computers at even smaller sizes. In fact, during this 21st century, many futurists say our progress will advance 20,000 years in 100 years, comparatively speaking.Technology developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, […]

Jay’s Straight Talk CXIV…A Call for “Creative Leadership” I-85 bridge collapse in Atlanta illustrates how adversity brings challenges and opportunities for all leaders

Jay McDonald |

Recently, Atlanta experienced a terrible fire and bridge collapse, altering the lives of residents and visitors and significantly disrupting commerce. Gratefully, no one was hurt. When disaster strikes, it forces leaders who live and work in the affected areas to alter their lives. For example, I just had a lengthy discussion with a colleague whose […]

Jay’s Straight Talk CXII…Ladies and Gentlemen

Jay McDonald |

Admittedly, I grew up in an era of greater innocence and seemingly stronger social mores. Early in life, my mother taught me to respect others and to behave as a gentleman. That meant saying, “Yes ‘Mam (Sir)” and “No ‘Mam (Sir),” “Thank You” and “No Thank You,” opening doors for ladies, pulling out our chairs, […]

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