Strategic Planning and Advisory Services
What is a leader without a plan? In today’s fast paced, complex business environment, strategic planning and trusted advisors are everything. For the tools you need to keep your business moving forward, trust Jay McDonald for actionable solutions and expert advice on how to best position your team going forward. Being competitive requires having a great plan, but staying ahead of the curve demands flawless execution.

How To Hire Talent That Will Bring Value to Your Values

Jay McDonald |

Your employees are a key part of your business’ DNA, and in most cases represent your company in the outside world every day. When organizations are comprised of people who share similar values and beliefs, it’s evident through how well they work together as a team, and it can be seen every day as they […]

Tips For Effective Decision-Making: Day-to-Day Decisions

Jay McDonald |

In every industry, great leaders are memorable because they are engaged and passionate about their business. But when it comes to daily decision-making, they’ve also learned the art of making choices that maximize organizational resources while pursuing long term objectives. With a clearly defined strategic direction and seamless operations in place, leaders who make effective […]

Tips For Effective Decision-Making: Operating Decisions

Jay McDonald |

Leaders make decisions all the time. Whether it’s about pricing, hiring employees or offering a new product line, the right choices further organizational objectives and have a significant impact on success. For most leaders, effective decision-making begins by first understanding the core business and then developing a strategic plan for reaching both short and long-term […]

Tips For Effective Decision-Making: Strategic Planning

Jay McDonald |

Effective decision-making is a necessary part of leadership and organizational success. Leaders are faced with all sorts of decisions, some more critical than others, but all important nonetheless. From a strategic standpoint, decisions that affect the long term direction of an organization – its vision and values – require thorough consideration because they directly influence […]

Board Positions & Designations

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