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As the world’s leading Chief Executive organization, Vistage International has been helping executives become better leaders, solve complex business challenges and achieve better results for five decades. With humble beginnings, Vistage International grew out of the simple idea that coming together with other professionals to share knowledge and experiences will help generate better results. With guiding principles intact, Vistage provides unparalleled access to new business perspectives, innovative strategies and actionable ideas to

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executives and business leaders, increasing the effectiveness of leaders worldwide.

With over 30 years experience as a CEO, I understand the unique challenges facing the modern leader. In every industry, organizations are complex, fast-paced and unforgiving. I recognize many of the common “pain spots” felt by CEO’s across industries and enjoy the opportunity to share my experiences and wisdom with diverse leaders looking to grow. It is my pleasure to act as a confidante and trusted advisor to guide discussion and foster learning in an independent, agenda-free and objective peer group environment.

Vistage Atlanta

Vistage CE 155


In 1989, Gary Anderson, Atlanta’s second Chair, started CE 155 as a TEC Group (now Vistage). Sadly, Gary passed away in 2011 and the group collectively selected Jay as its new Chair in 2012. CE 155’s members represent organizations generating over $830 million in revenues, average pretax profit margins of 12.7%, and employ almost 4,000 people. Their firms have been in business an average of 32 years and the average membership tenure in the group is over 8 years.

Vistage CE 3850


Jay’s first Vistage Group, CE 3850, launched with its founding members in November 2011. CE 3850’s represent organizations generating over $900 million in revenues, average pretax profit margins of 5.5%, and employ over 1500 people. Their firms have been in business an average of 47 years.

Key Group 9178


As a group of entrepreneurial business owners and functional executives of larger organizations, Key Group 9178 was launched by its founding members in September 2012. It is a great combination of business owners, regional managers, and folks who specialize in a variety of industries. Members’ organizations have been in business an average of over 38 years, generate almost $500 million in revenue, have average pretax profit margins of 11.5%, and employ right at 6,000 people.

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Recent Featured Speakers

Featured Members

  • Doug Dunn founded and runs Alliance Bus Group, the nation’s largest group of full-service bus dealerships with locations throughout the country. Alliance sells, services, and supplies parts for all types of buses, from vans, motor coaches, school buses, multi-function buses, transit coaches, specialty buses, and limousines. The company represents the finest lines in the industry.

    He’s been a Vistage member for over 16 years, joining his first group in Nashville, Tennessee for six years, and then joining CE 155 in Atlanta over ten years ago. Outside of work, Doug enjoys golf, hunting, fishing, snow skiing, and boating.

  • Kim Wallace has been in the staffing industry for over 17 years, and is responsible for Hire Dynamics’ Skilled Business Unit, which includes all staffing offices and relationships with key clients.  

    Hire Dynamics is the largest staffing provider in Gwinnett County and second largest in Atlanta for contact (call) centers, manufacturing facilities, supply chain/e-commerce operations, and office positions. Hire Dynamics operates out of eight offices with an additional 16 on-site locations. It puts over 3,200 people to work every day and last year placed over 1,200 Hire Dynamics associates in full-time positions with its clients.

  • Harris Carlock leads ECI Management Corporation as its President. He’s been with the organization since 2000, and is responsible for the operation of its 40 apartment communities, with over 10,000 units, located throughout the Southeast.

    ECI Group is a family business that was founded by Henry Hirsch in 1969. ECI Group is made up of ECI Capital, ECI Construction, and ECI Management. The related entities currently own and/or manage over 10,000 apartment units in 40 properties located in the Southeast. The construction arm has completed over $900,000,000 of new construction and rehabilitation since its inception.

Group Norms

Our Group Norms
Our desire…

“Empowering leadership and happiness”

Jay's Commitment to You:

  • Lead the group as your “CEO,” exemplifying leadership behaviors
  • Create an “unbelievable” leadership and learning experience
  • Be intellectually and emotionally engaged in all meetings and 121’s
  • Select candidates who meet our group’s values and commitments
  • Always be candid and forthright in my comments
  • Confront and take action on behavior not alignedwith our norms
  • Create an environment of support, learning, camaraderie, and fun

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