Strategic Planning and Advisory Services
What is a leader without a plan? In today’s fast paced, complex business environment, strategic planning and trusted advisors are everything. For the tools you need to keep your business moving forward, trust Jay McDonald for actionable solutions and expert advice on how to best position your team going forward. Being competitive requires having a great plan, but staying ahead of the curve demands flawless execution.

Proactive Hiring: a Strong Bench = a Strong Team

Jay McDonald |

If you do find yourself in a position when you need to let an employee go – for whatever reason – it helps if you already have “bench strength.” This refers to a philosophy of hiring where you identify strong candidates before you need them. That way, you can hire proactively, instead of reactively. Building […]

How to Lead a Successful Organizational Change

Jay McDonald |

Change is never easy, particularly in organizations. But there is some good news because whether you’re a start-up trying out a new software program or a multinational corporation changing strategic direction, there are ways to make the change process easier and more productive. Effectively leading change requires many elements, but here are a few of […]

The Number One Mistake Leaders Make and How to Avoid it

Jay McDonald |

One concept that has been getting a lot of attention lately is organizational trust. In many of today’s biggest and most respected companies, there is a trust deficit, where employees, mid-level managers, even senior executives lack the confidence to do their job. As leaders, we need to have confidence and trust in our people, and […]

Planning for Your Future in 3 Simple Steps

Jay McDonald |

Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you could end up somewhere else.” It might sound like obvious advice, but planning is something most people don’t put enough thought into – at least not in the right way. If you’re just starting a career path, or you’re looking for a […]

Board Positions & Designations

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