• Jay is the consummate professional who brings sound judgment and clarity to everything he does. As a leader and visionary, he is world-class in every respect. I’ve worked with many CEO’s and advisors and he is someone I will continue to turn to for best in class advice and counsel.

    - Wayne Luke, Managing Partner, The Bridgespan Group
  • I had the distinct honor of getting to know Jay when he was President and Co-Owner of the Wayne Watson Company. It was widely held in the sporting goods business that the salesmen associated with the Wayne Watson Company provided the benchmark for others to be compared. The leadership Jay provided to the Wayne Watson Company attracted the very best companies in the industry. Jay attracted the best, expected the best–and delivered the best. 

    - Julie Nimmons, Vistage Chair and former Chairman,
    CEO & President of Schutt Sports
  • Jay is a seasoned and experienced business executive with broad experience in both entrepreneurial environments and in corporate America. His problem solving skills, business perspective and customer relationship skills are a great asset to executives and business owners alike.

    - Peter Carey, President & CEO, American Screen Art
  • Jay is a remarkable business leader and visionary who shares his diverse talents to help others reach their potential. Jay’s unique combination of extensive business knowledge, results-driven execution, attention to details, and engaging personality have earned him the reputation of a highly respected business professional with a proven success record. I have known Jay for several years and am honored to now have him as my executive coach. In a short period, Jay has helped me learn more about myself, advance my company with more focused direction, and gain insight into what makes a company successful long-term. Although I consider myself to be highly disciplined, Jay has structured his coaching program to provide additional accountability with a broader perspective. He provides the perfect balance of challenge and encouragement.

    - Sherle Brown, CEO, SHB Consulting Services, Inc
  • Jay McDonald has been a hugely successful CEO at several companies, and I was on his Board of Directors while he grew Network Communications, Inc., very profitably. I completely endorse Jay for any Executive role as well as coaching senior executives and CEOs.

    - Kraig Kramers, CEO of Corporate Partners Inc., CEO of Gandy Dancer Press LLC, and CEO of CEO Tools, Inc
  • Jay McDonald represents the highest in professional achievement. For many years Jay and I worked together in banking. Following a successful career in finance, Jay became an entrepreneur and was successful in multiple ventures. He has always been unselfish in spending the time to help junior colleagues be successful. He is a first rate board member and advisor on strategic plans. Having been a CEO multiple times, he knows how to help CEO’s achieve their objectives.

    - A D Frazier, President, Georgia Oak Partners, LLC; Chief Operating
    Officer, Centennial Olympic Games, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Jay is one of Vistage’s rising stars. In a community of supremely successful business professionals, who now Chair peer advisory groups of likeminded high performing Chief Executive Officers. Jay has set himself apart. He has earned two of Vistage’s top Chair awards within his first two years. I look forward to his continued success as a Vistage Chair for many, many years to come.

    - Ruby Randall, Vistage International’s President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Jay is a remarkable individual, with a unique blend of people and business skills. It is no wonder he received our Rookie of the Year and Chair Excellence awards for 2012. His care and concern for people naturally creates a winning environment, and we are proud to have a leader of his caliber with Vistage International in Atlanta.

    - Phillip Thomas, Vistage International’s Senior Vice President for the Eastern United States
  • Jay is a great mentor and shares his knowledge and time freely and without reciprocation. We have been colleagues for over a year and have come to rely on one another for honest unfiltered and unbiased feedback. There is no one Ii know with greater insight, honesty and integrity than Jay

    - David Nettina, Principal MRC Capital Group
  • Jay will go far with Vistage. I have known Jay for many years and always been impressed with his leadership skills and business knowledge. A natural mentor who will provide excellent input and counsel, Jay has the intellectual ability, creativity, and savvy to help any leader. He can flex to the needs of both the young entrepreneur and the veteran business leader.

    - Frank M. Merritt Ph.D, CEO, TalentQuest
  • When it comes to defining a company's strategic advantage, one should look to Jay McDonald for help! Jay's depth of experience and business acumen is always right on target. His true niche is in his unique approach to turnaround strategies and re-positioning companies for revenue maximization. He has a proven track record of unprecedented success.

    - Debbie Phillips Ph.D., CPM, President at The Quadrillion
  • I had the pleasure of working with Jay while I served as Chaiman of the Board at Compliance Depot. Jay was meticulious in the detail of his work which is one reason I asked that he serve as chair of the audit committee. His broad business knowledge, ability to communicate, integrity and tenacity made him a valued member of our team. I would be pleased to work with Jay at any time the opportunity presents itself.

    - Tom Hunse, Board Member at Addison Legacy Foundation
  • It has been my pleasure to re-engage with Jay through our work with Vistage International. Jay brings a wide berth of experiences to any situation. He has an uncanny ability to listen intently, analyze quickly, and bring solutions to the forefront. He has a quick wit, which not only puts people at ease, but also brings out the best in them. Jay knows how to combine his keen business sense, common sense, and personal touch to help business leaders become better leaders, make better decisions, and live a happier life. If you are working with Jay, it doesn’t get any better!

    - Julie Nimmons, Vistage Chair and former Chairman,
    CEO & President of Schutt Sports
  • I have known Jay McDonald for over ten years, both professionally and socially. I do know a few people who rank as high as he does on the integrity scale, but I don't know anyone who ranks higher. Frankly, Jay is a unique combination of good humor, good will and extreme business savvy. It's a little scary - I'm glad he uses his powers for good instead of evil. It's nice to know someone as successful as Jay who is not a shark. All I know is this - everyone who has worked with Jay McDonald was very happy to work with him and everyone who does business with him makes money - a lot of it.

    - Robert Green, Founder & President, Trans-Atlantic Systems, Inc
  • Jay took over as president of NCI when the company was in need of direction and focus. He brought these attributes to the table and helped NCI through a tremendous growth period, that I was proud to be a part of. I would love to work with Jay in future, he was a great mentor!

    - Kyle Nickell, President, Get Found In Town
  • Jay is a great professional and a long time friend and colleague. He has an outstanding acumen for business and his sense of how to accomplish key objectives is grounded and thorough. He listens well and has a breadth of experience across both the business and non-profit sectors. Easy to recommend.

    - Joe Irwin, President & CEO, Georgia Tech Alumni Association
  • Jay is very smart, also practical. He gets things done. People love working for and with him. He has very broad experience, with a foundation in finance. He seems to always end up running something important.

    - Pat Pittard, Chairman & CEO, Heidrick & Struggles
  • Jay is among the elite in executive ability, ethics, relationship skills, and raw intelligence. My respect for Jay has only grown as he has progressed from corporate banker to highly successful entrepreneurial executive and investor. I have the highest opinion of Jay and any group or entity that can attract his involvement in terms of governance and/or support is in for a rewarding experience.

    - Jerry Eickhoff, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Enterpulse
  • Jay is a thorough, unflappable and diligent executive who inspires loyalty and commitment from his subordinates and collegiality from his peers. He is principled and reliable.

    - Jack Hardin, Founding Partner, Rogers & Hardin, LLP
  • Jay McDonald's vast business experience in leading organizations through change uniquely positions him among executive coaches. Jay's C-Suite experience would be a great complement to a CEO's existing team.

    - Pepper Bullock, Director, D & O Advisory Practice, TalentQuest
  • I had the pleasure of working with Jay on the Board of Directors of Compliance Depot for 2-years. During that time frame Jay was an integral part of the board with tremendous experience and foresight. He has a tremendous business background, he's an excellent communicator and he's extremely detailed and thorough. It was a pleasure getting to know him and working with him.

    - Steve Donohue, Co-Founder, AXIOM Multi-Family Realty Advisors, Inc
  • Jay is the quintessential business leader and entrepreneur. His wisdom and guidance have been invaluable to the various business organizations with which he has been involved and he has been a significant catalyst in their financial growth as well as organizational efficiency and maturity. His expertise and successful experiences in executive leadership, management and mentoring have been key to the successful business ventures in his illustrious career.

    - W.J. Blane, Owner, W.J. Blane
  • I would strongly recommend Jay McDonald for any senior management, Board or leadership position. Jay possesses a unique combination of powerful intellect and extensive business experience as well as strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Jay is highly ethical and is someone that you can really depend on. Jay provides significant strategic insight as well as strong operating talents and abilities. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Jay.

    - Jack Markwalter, Chairman & CEO, Atlantic Trust
  • I've known and observed Jay, in most of the functions detailed in his LinkIn profile, for more than 35 years. He brings enthusiasm, energy and creativity to everything he undertakes. He's an achiever who likes working with others.

    - Marshall Morton, President, Chief Executive, Media General
  • Jay is a man of great integrity. He is a true professional. Jay is smart and focused but still very down to earth. He is a kind and caring person as well. Jay was always one of my favorite clients not only for his warm personality but for the fact that he "gets it". If only every client could be like Jay!

    - Holly Clifford Corral, President, Tango Marketing

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