Vistage Group Norms

Our Group Norms
Our desire…

“Empowering leadership and happiness”

Jay’s Commitment to You:

  • Lead the group as your “CEO,” exemplifying leadership behaviors
  • Create an “unbelievable” leadership and learning experience
  • Be intellectually and emotionally engaged in all meetings and 121’s
  • Select candidates who meet our group’s values and commitments
  • Always be candid and forthright in my comments
  • Confront and take action on behavior not alignedwith our norms
  • Create an environment of support, learning, camaraderie, and fun

We believe in:

  • Helping and supporting one another
  • Trusting relationships
  • Confidentiality in all that we do
  • Sharing challenges and successes
  • Displaying respect at all times
  • Bringing the “hard” stuff to the group/li>
  • Openness, honesty, candor and vulnerability
  • Lifelong, continuous learning
  • Having an open mind to feedback and ideas
  • Being prepared and engaged
  • Giving as well as receiving
  • Being non-judgmental
  • Accountability, both personally and as a group
  • Showing up, both physically and mentally
  • Attending all meetings possible and being fully prepared
  • Exercising “carefrontational”interactions with one another
  • Referring the best members possible for our group
  • Having fun and enjoying life

Board Positions & Designations

  • saltlake
  • imgres
  • gtaa
  • saltlake
  • compliance depot