Graciousness Is About More Than Southern Charm

Southern hospitality is not a myth and more than a few people have come to appreciate the gracious nature of southern business's communities and everyday people. Yet graciousness is about more than southern charm because it's a practical smart­-and yes-strategic business objective. Not to mention it's just a really good human characteristic. Here are a few more reasons why being gracious should be an instrumental part of your leadership arsenal.

Giving Is A Multifaceted Activity
The one thing about giving that most of us tend to forget is that it's typically a reciprocal activity. That means it's a natural instinct that when someone gives us something we want to give them something in return. But giving is far from a simple concept. In fact, it's multifaceted and in business, you can give all kinds of things. Executives and professionals willingly give information advice or even an introduction to someone. Yet too often we forget to reciprocate when someone gives something to us.

Giving As A Strategy
Giving is a critical part of running a business and an important part of ensuring that relationships stay connected. Both internally and externally whether it's between colleagues superiors and subordinates or even between contractors effective giving is not manipulative. It's a real gesture of thanks. And when people feel appreciated they perform better. As a strategy giving and receiving makes sense. It's an easy way to show employees and customers how much you value their contributions and is a smart way to build trust. Remember that giving is multifaceted and could be as simple as giving time to someone who needs it.

Graciousness Is A Human Trait
Again it's human nature that when people receive a gift they want to give back. And when someone shares something kind it's only natural to want to reciprocate by being kind as well. Having gratitude and being gracious is underrated yet perhaps one of the most important parts of being human. When we maximize graciousness it not only makes us feel special it furthers our business goals-and that's good for everyone.