A Results Oriented Motivator

Powerful speakers engage an audience- they capture the listener because of the way they deliver the message. With high energy, creativity and quick wit, Jay McDonald is a results oriented motivator who can reach an audience on a level that resonates with everyone in the room. Former CEO, Principal, serial entrepreneur and business advisor, whether it's to discuss best practices, outline a theory or simply engage executives in a little offhanded humor, when Jay is charged with speaking or authoring a piece, everyone tunes in.

A Master Communicator

With over four decades of demonstrated expertise gained in a variety of senior leadership roles, Jay has mastered the art of effective communication. He's led thousands of people and transformed hundreds of organizations with his expert advice, counsel and proven strategies. He's a "natural" when it comes to public speaking and a mentor to be admired. Executive leaders and organizations face complex challenges, and Jay's words are encouraging, innovative and exactly what high powered professionals need to spark enthusiasm and forge ahead.

Learning Not to Take Yourself Too Seriously

Perhaps the most fundamental message beneath Jay's spoken word is his innate ability to communicate fun and a passion for life. His lessons are instrumental and his advice is coveted, but it's the underlying belief that life is short and we must never forget to enjoy ourselves that is the true take away message. Recognized as the "Johnny Carson" of leadership", Jay's unique style and comedic perspective are innovative and refreshing changes from the boring, dull business speak "how to" literature that's currently available for consumption.
To say that Jay has a way with people is an understatement. The truth is, Jay has spent a lifetime nurturing a career and working hard at getting to the bottom of how to most effectively balance work & life. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to "give back" to the very people that encouraged him to succeed and looks forward to engaging professionals on their way up with inspiring presentations and colorful speaking engagements. Jay is a show stopper, knowledgeable and fun, infusing enthusiasm and creating excitement, a rare treat in any industry.

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