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As the world's leading Chief Executive organization, Vistage Worldwide has been helping executives become better leaders, solve complex business challenges and achieve better results for over five decades.

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With humble beginnings, Vistage Worldwide grew out of the simple idea that coming together with other professionals to share knowledge and experiences will help generate better results.

With guiding principles intact, Vistage provides unparalleled access to new business perspectives, innovative strategies and actionable ideas to executives and business leaders, increasing the effectiveness of leaders worldwide.

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With over 40 years experience as a CEO, I understand the unique challenges facing the modern leader. In every industry, organizations are complex, fast-paced and unforgiving. I recognize many of the common "pain spots" felt by CEO's across industries and enjoy the opportunity to share my experiences and wisdom with diverse leaders looking to grow. It is my pleasure to act as a confidante and trusted advisor to guide discussion and foster learning in an independent, agenda-free and objective peer group environment.

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