Leading Positively: Making the Best of Just About Anything

Organizations are certainly not immune to misfortune and almost always when bad things happen it impacts everyone from frontline workers to the CEO. It really doesn't matter if challenges are brought on externally - as in a dismal economy or internally - as in a decline in revenue or widespread institutional inefficiencies. Catastrophes will come and go and all businesses need to be capable of withstanding a few bumps along the road. What separates winning organizations from those who crumble under the pressure? I still marvel at the resilience courage and strength of the individual leader. Is leadership important in times of trouble? Absolutely. Here's how to lead optimistically and make the best of just about anything.

Finding Positivity in the Face of Incompetence

Incompetence is everywhere. Unfortunately, even the best organizations are saddled with a few underperformers from time to time. Strong independent and unselfish leaders have a knack for seeking out positivity in even the most calamitous of situations. It's more than looking on the bright side but an entire mindset that looks past bureaucratic inadequacies and incompetence to reveal creativity energy and enthusiasm. Getting high performance from low-performing employees is possible. And every individual regardless of skillset or experience has something to bring to the table. Great leaders know how to bring out these assets and re-channel energies for good.

Practice Courageous Responsible From-the-Heart Leadership

As organizations grow there will always be setbacks and challenges along the way - some we can prevent others we cannot. As leaders, we overcome these hurdles by earning the trust and respect of our team. We show strength in the face of complexity and we handle difficult situations by living our values of being courageous and responsible. From-the-heart leadership means leading with a firm hand that's as much no-nonsense as it is empathetic and kind. Holding yourself accountable and leading from the top by making tough decisions when necessary shows everyone that strength of character and courage always trumps fear. Be that positive beacon whose cup is overflowing with optimism even when tempered by reality. Positivity always conquers the naysayers!