Life Is A Team Sport, Are You In The Game?

One of the simplest yet most clear parallels is the idea that life is like a team sport. In business as well as in our personal lives we don't function in a vacuum but depend on other people much the same way teammates rely on one another to win a game. On the field and off the relationships we build are key and a critical part of how well we perform. Life is indeed a team sport. Here's how to stay in the game.

Be Resourceful: Reach Out For Help
As a professional thinking analytically is a wonderful asset. But it's nearly impossible to do anything in a pressure packed environment without being resourceful. Finding that smart person on your team that can help guide you through the unknowns is resourceful and often the difference between success and failure. Ask for help and find a coach or an advisor who can maximize your effort.

Never Accept Defeat
Athletes are taught to never accept defeat. "Get back on the horse and try again." Yet all too often in business, we lay down when things don't go as planned accepting defeat. We're overwhelmed overworked and overpowered. It's important to know that there are no successful human beings on earth who haven't failed multiple times. And remember: failure is not falling down; failure is not getting back up when you do get knocked down. Learn to compete at the highest level and enjoy more wins.

Recognize You Don't Know It All
Despite tremendous and unprecedented success Tiger Woods still uses a coach to help hone his skill. Is that strange? Not at all because the best athletes musicians artists-and yes professionals-recognize the value of bettering themselves. The idea that there is still more to learn should be part of everyone's arsenal no matter what. Lifelong learning does not end with formal education but continues day in and day out through a successful career and beyond. Commit yourself to always striving to be better and you'll be pleased to learn that you can accomplish even more than you dreamed. Much like the horizon in the distance as we get closer to it continuously changes opening up even broader horizons and challenges to achieve.