Peer Advisory Groups and Accountability: How They Can Make You Keep Your Word

A peer advisory group is a tremendous opportunity to benefit from the collective wisdom and expertise of like-minded professionals. Discussion and conversation with peers help guide strategic decision-making and provides a venue for bouncing thoughts and ideas off knowledgeable leaders. But in addition to the exponential insight and learning that comes from the group peer advisory groups are unique in that they demand accountability. Individual members invest valuable time and money into personal improvement and leadership development as part of participating in peer advisory groups and they are serious about their own success as well as the success of the group.

Motivating and Reinforcing Behavior As an executive coach and group leader I hold all the individual members in my peer groups to their word. However, perhaps a more powerful motivator is having 15 or 16 plus other professionals witness every pledge you make to be a better business leader. The group's celebration of individual success serves as positive reinforcement and creates a true team environment. Similar to being part of a sports team or an exercise group if you are committed to yourself and your own success in the group then you must be committed to the success of the team as part of the group working together to improve. Getting "Naked" in Front of One Another Peer groups meet regularly and membership can last for years allowing deep bonds to develop between individual members. Sworn to the strictest confidentiality members feel confident and secure about talking openly and honestly with one another on a variety of topics from strategic goals to financial information.

Members are more than professional leaders but human beings. In this environment, it's normal to expose oneself emotionally to get "naked" on a professional level in front of one another. In many cases, it's this vulnerability and openness that creates immense trust and bonding so that the quality of the discussion can elevate to a new level. Peer advisory group members share a sense of value and commitment in not only their own success but also the success of the group. This unique team environment inspires accountability that helps members make tough decisions and take ownership of their leadership.