Where is Your Leadership Courage?

Courage in leadership while displayed by a few is conspicuously absent in many of today's organizations. It's often easier to avoid making the tough decisions holding people accountable or leading change. Yet now more than ever organizations and the people that run them are in need of clear courageous direction not politically correct solutions or indecisiveness. Success on any level demands action and it's high time real leaders demonstrate courage ethics strong vision and purpose.

Business is Tough…and Getting Tougher
In the business world, the pace of change is staggering. For leaders, an uncertain economy coupled with unpredictable marketplace demands has led to perpetual crisis mode. Workplace stress is at an all-time high and leaders are overwhelmed inundated and downright fearful. Yet this is exactly why confidant courageous leadership is so critical. Make no mistake business is tough and getting tougher by the minute. Robust unwavering ethics strength in conviction strong vision and purpose is what will separate accomplished leaders from those who can't seem to get past barriers to success.

Leadership Courage Isn't About Knowing Everything
Courageous leadership is not about having all the right answers. It is about knowing when and where to have those important conversations recognizing when "business as usual" isn't working and leading change with conviction and purpose. It's putting yourself out there and taking risks despite the odds with the knowledge and confidence that comes from making a well-grounded decision. Courageous leaders will fail from time to time - it's part of the process. But recognizing when it's time to act and actually doing so is the first step in demonstrating courage.

Build Trust Enthusiasm and Commitment
No one expects a leader to have all the answers and none do. But having courage under fire and saying what needs to be said holding others and yourself accountable and taking action when necessary is the type of behavior that fosters trust enthusiasm and commitment. Guiding others with the wisdom and grace of someone not afraid to make tough decisions is the key to building a strong team. Keep the lines of communication open by encouraging feedback and build an environment where listening and acting can be expected. Support forward movement even when the path isn't crystal clear and share acknowledge and reward where appropriate. Courageous leaders are in high demand yet in short supply. While none of us knows all the answers as leaders we have a wonderful opportunity to be part of the process of building future leaders who are bold and brave when called for yet humble enough to be successful.