How Vistage International Makes Executives Into Leaders

What separates great leaders from adequate leaders? Fortitude? Perseverance? Tenacity? Sure these are important attributes but it takes more than strength of character to be an exceptional leader; it also takes a commitment to continued learning. Vistage International and its community of professionals is more than a business resource but the ideal learning environment. It's where CEO's executives and leaders come together and learn through a combination of peer interaction coaching and mentoring. The objective? To share ideas and receive trusted advice. A true learning laboratory Vistage is where executives become better leaders, solve their business challenges, and get better results.

Peer Advisory Groups: Crafting Solutions through Candor and Vulnerability
The most important way to learn through Vistage membership is by participating in Peer Advisory Groups. Members meet monthly for a full day to discuss difficult challenges and set their course for the future. With candor and even some vulnerability leaders share their personal experiences best practices and mistakes inspiring open and honest exchange. True all industries are a bit different but most of the fundamentals are similar, and that's exactly why diverse groups can engage in insightful and objective dialogue that transcends personal agendas.

Shared Expertise and Intellectual Discourse: Varied Experiences and Smart People
The Vistage community is a diverse group of professionals - CEO's business executives and leaders - representing organizations from a wide range of industries and organizations. Most members currently run businesses that generate revenues ranging from $5 million to several hundred million dollars and range in size from 25 employees to over 2000. These are the primary decision-makers - founders owners and professional managers that make things happen. Each brings something unique to the table but they all bring expertise and an intellectual discourse that helps them learn from one another through varied experiences and smart people with fresh perspectives.

Expert Speakers and Thought Leaders: Recreate and Reinforce
Top speakers and thought leaders from around the world are brought in to generate energy and stimulate conversation. Whether it's to talk about building culture, balancing personal and professional time, or simply new technology members are often empowered to recreate and reinforce new ideas and processes. It's an eye-opening experience for most as few get real opportunities for personal reflection to determine whether or not they are actively reinforcing positive changes. When it comes to leadership lifetime learning and striving for excellence are what differentiates winners. No one gets it right all the time but through continued improvement we see the divide start to emerge between adequate leaders and those who are truly extraordinary. Vistage International is a true learning laboratory and the one place that leaders can expand knowledge and expertise in an agenda-free environment.