The Four Pillars Of Leadership – Part 4 Of 4: Enjoyment

In Parts 1-3 of this article series, we discussed trust, excellence, and prosperity as Pillars of Leadership that work together to create successful leaders. The final pillar enjoyment is perhaps the most important of the four simply because without it the other three are meaningless. By adding enjoyment to excellence and prosperity it's possible to create the opportunity to build even more of the first pillar of trust. Therefore the Four Pillars of Leadership form a continuous circle of learning leading to happiness and success as a multifaceted human being not just a business professional.

Why Do We Need to Enjoy What We Do?
A simple question yet one that many people tend to overlook when etching out a career. In the early phases of career development finances take priority and many of us find ourselves in a situation where we do not have the luxury to "love what we do". We hope that with time our careers will lead us to roles in which we feel empowered and motivated but enjoyment in the workplace should be pursued at every opportunity. Life is filled with responsibilities. We pay the bills, provide for our family and loved ones and make sure that those things in our life that we can maintain are well cared for. As upstanding community members and citizens, these are important priorities for sure. But life is also about looking forward to getting up in the morning and having passion and enjoyment for what you do. The key is taking these responsibilities seriously but not taking yourself too seriously. In fact, a core part of improving the quality of life at any level is having fun and surrounding yourself with people who also enjoy and have fun with the work that they do.

Leadership is Who You Are Before What You Do
Great leaders are experts at doing the hard work. They plan, listen and focus on creating a culture that rewards successful efforts and results. However, regardless of industry whether it's commercial banking real estate, or publishing a passion for the job is what ultimately leads to success. But let's not forget leadership is truly who you are before what you do and leaders who enjoy their work can infuse enthusiasm into a team effortlessly. Essentially hard working dedicated leaders who enjoy their lives both inside and outside the office are the most fulfilled personally and professionally. As we conclude this four-part series on the Pillars of Leadership it's important to remember that there are countless characteristics that make up great leaders - too many to list here. But in the end building mutual trust, striving for excellence through continuous learning and improvement, embracing emotional and intellectual prosperity, and most importantly doing it all with a smile on your face because you truly enjoy what you do is what separates good leaders from those truly exceptional leaders that are revered long after the job is done.