The Four Pillars Of Leadership – Part 3 Of 4: Prosperity

In Part 1 and 2 of this series, we discussed Trust and Excellence as Pillars of Leadership that today's aspiring CEOs, managers, and executive leaders should pursue optimal performance. In Part 3 we will introduce Prosperity as the third ingredient that plays a role in successful leadership. Understanding prosperity beyond the limited institutional perspective will help create awareness of the importance of personal prosperity and happiness associated with improved leadership performance.

Beyond Institutional Prosperity
Mention the word "prosperity" and you'll likely elicit images of wealth, success, and well-being. From an organizational perspective when we talk about prosperity it's often within the context of finances and how a business needs to be profitable to prosper. However, it's just as important for individuals to prosper personally as well. That means in the work environment as well as in our personal lives and more importantly, being happy with what we do. After all, how can you excel at something that you simply do not enjoy doing day in and day out? Additional important elements of prosperity are work/life balance, the need for positive "prosperous" personal relationships, and living a healthy lifestyle that often far outweighs any financial or material success that we achieve. In this broader context, prosperity fosters growth not only institutionally but just as important as a human being.

Emotional and Intellectual Prosperity
Leaders who embrace positive relationships build competencies through emotional and intellectual prosperity. Growing and nurturing positive aspects of the business including the people around you creates a sense of personal fulfillment. Inner prosperity nurtures empowerment and helps good leaders become exceptional by mastering self-awareness, honesty, happiness, and growth on a variety of levels. For leaders learning to build emotional and intellectual prosperity is the easiest way to get the most out of your assets and the biggest return on your investment. Personal prosperity is essential for optimal health, happiness, and organizational productivity. From ethical leadership to conflict resolution, to mentoring with heightened prosperity leaders soar.