The Vistage Advantage: It’s Lonely at the Top – But it Doesn’t Have To Be

With more than 16,000 members in more than 15 countries, Vistage International hardly needs an introduction. The organization is widely recognized as a tool for helping CEOs, leaders, and key executives from around the world increase effectiveness and improve their leadership skills. But other benefits of membership may not be readily apparent and deserve attention. Here are just a few of the added benefits of Vistage membership and the value it can bring to you as a leader.

Agenda-Free Truth-Tellers
Your Board of Directors is invaluable yet they're probably not the best choice when it comes to looking for an objective third party to bounce ideas off of. Vistage members have access to complete and unadulterated agenda-free truth-tellers. No one has a vested interest in whether or not you opt for door number one or door number two and that's the beauty of it - it's advice that's honest and helpful.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Building Independent Thinkers
Vistage peer groups are comprised of CEOs and business leaders from non-competitive industries who meet monthly to discuss issues, challenges, and opportunities with folks who have similar backgrounds but diversified experiences. In addition to the monthly group meetings, one-on-one coaching sessions with an experienced Vistage Chair who is often also a successful CEO provide an invaluable opportunity to become an independent thinker, be held accountable, and engage with someone who'll provide the unvarnished truth. For many CEOs and business owners, it's not uncommon to find it's lonesome at the top. Sometimes it can be a breath of fresh air just to have the chance to talk to another like-minded professional - a way to vent and get things off your chest.

Staying Ahead of the Curve
These days no one will argue that times aren't tough and it's a real challenge for some organizations to stay in business let alone thrive. Yet Vistage members are prospering better than the average in the overall community. Why? Everyone is facing the same organizational challenges - tough economic times, financial uncertainties, regulation, and competitiveness. The differentiator? Vistage members have committed to being better at what they do. They're open-minded and willing to learn from others and because of that, they're predisposed to do a little bit better as long as they pay attention and apply what they've learned. There's an upbeat positivity to Vistage membership. It doesn't mean that members don't have real challenges - they do. But more than ever they seem to be proactively dealing with difficult situations, staying ahead of the curve and on top of best practices and newer and better ways of doing things. As the largest CEO organization in the world, Vistage International helps business leaders become better leaders, get better results and ultimately lead better lives. Members share the good the bad and the ugly but more than that they derive unparalleled value from learning what they don't know, becoming independent thinkers while making decisions and determinations that allow them to eliminate some of that inescapable loneliness felt by those at the top.